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About Premium Hookahs

Welcome to the Premium Hookahs: About Us page. Nice that you want to know more about us!

We are Maarten and Sherrief, two good friends with a great passion for hookahs and everything around it! Our interest in hookahs and luxurious lounging arose during a holiday to the land of hookahs: Egypt! The Oriental atmosphere and the delicious smells of the tobacco gave us the idea to introduce this in the Netherlands as well. Smoking hookah, but in the most luxurious way!

Together with our team of hookah specialists, we ensure that you can enjoy the most luxurious and high-quality lounge experience! Premium-Hookahs has been around since 2008, but of course the hookah has been around for centuries! According to Cyril Elgood, the author of the book "Medicine in Persia", the hookah originated in India. He did not want to share his sources, but according to Cyril it was the Iranian doctor Hakim Abul Fateh Gilani who came up with the concept of the first hookahs. The shisha, hookah, or hookah was used in a fairly primitive way in these times by using a coconut shell as a base and attaching a bamboo or wooden pipe to it with a bowl. After the first introduction of tobacco from Europe to India, Hakim became a doctor at the Mongolian court where he expressed his concerns about the use of tobacco. This is how he came up with the idea to draw tobacco smoke through water so that it could be purified in this way.

The hookah has gone through a lot of developments over the centuries. At the moment there are many different hookahs available, each with their specific characteristics and that's where we come in! Since our start in 2008, we have grown intoone of the largest and most luxurious hookah specialty stores in the hookah world! Something we are of course very proud of! As true hookah enthusiasts, we feel privileged to be able to work every day with our great passion for luxurious lounging and hookah smoking at the highest level. Over the years we have proven our services as a reliable company many times by always and only thevery best quality hookahs o deliver together with a high-quality and unique service!

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Our vision

We at Premium-Hookahs aim to take your hookah experience to a completely new level. Smoking hookah is much more than just smoking a flavor and blowing thick clouds of smoke! A hookah brings a traditional and relaxed experience. While putting together your set-up, you can choose from many high-quality products in our range. Each product has an individual influence on the taste, the smoke and the airflow. By using our filters on the website, each specific product is very easy to find and recognize. Due to the different set-up options, every smoking experience is different. In principle, you can combine endlessly by always choosing a different combination of products for your set-up from our range!When you take the time to prepare the hookah with love, you will notice that in addition to a much better taste, it will also give more smoke and last longer. We believe these are the main ingredients for the ideal hookah and smoking experience!

In our view, a good hookah experience completely depends on which products you use! For this reason, we started Premium-Hookahs many years ago, to ensure that you can always and only experience the very best and most high-quality experience by using high-quality products in our range.

Imagine; you are lounging on your couch, indoors or out. Maybe some friends are visiting, a few relatives or maybe you are having fun with your partner. You light some candles or a nice fire, pour a nice tea and put some delicious nuts and dates on the table. An exciting football match or your favorite series is playing in the background. You have chosen a delicious flavor and you prepare it in the hookah. The wonderful scent spreads through the room as you take the first hit of the hookah. Then the delicious taste sensation spreads throughout the room while you enjoy a beautiful magical atmosphere. You're sitting back on the couch, your mind is empty and you have no obligations while you take a nice sip of your fresh mint tea. Delicious! You look over the coffee table at the beautifulhandmade bong that stands in the center of the lounge corner. The beautiful details and the beautiful design are the first things you notice immediately. How beautiful he is!

A wonderfully atmospheric evening with your loved ones. For us, that's the ultimate hookah and lounge experience that you want to relive time and time again!

OOur slogan is therefore "Experience beyond the smoke". With our team of passionate specialists, we do everything we can to give you many beautiful experiences and memories in the field of hookah smoking and generous lounging!

How about oriental lights and door candles for a magical lounge experience. Or delicious oriental nuts and bites together with a real hot Indian Chai tea. View our experience products and bring the cozy mystical oriental atmosphere into your home!

Our webshop

In our online store you will find the highest quality hookahs and accessories from worldwide known, exclusive brands. We also have different types of chai (tea), nuts and dates in our range to complete your perfect lounge experience. In our store you will only find the most high-end products from beautiful, worldwide known brands. You can also see us as the Bijenkorf among the hookah specialty stores! In our range we have more than 5000 high-quality products, which has made us a beautiful Valhalla for the most high-quality hookah experience! The products in our store have a good and clear description and beautiful images so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. The extensive product features help you make a good choice. Of course you can always contact us if you have a question or if something is not resolved. We are happy to be there for you!

Below is a nice overview of our webshop qualities;

  • Only the best products and service available on the market;
  • The world's most exclusive hookah brands in one place;
  • Most luxurious hookah store in the Benelux and even unique in the whole world!;
  • High-quality and very extensive range for a complete lounge experience;
  • Unique and 100% original products from major top brands.
  • Official distributor of the major, worldwide known brands;
  • Do you place an order before 22:00? Then it will be delivered the next day throughout NL, BE and DU!;
  • We have various delivery options. For example, you can also have your order delivered in the evening;
  • You will receive Premium Points with every order. With this you can save for nice discounts;
  • We have been around since 2008 and have therefore built up a great deal of expertise in the field of the ultimate hookah experience;
  • We have a 'money back guarantee'. You can return your products within 31 days.

Our showroom

Since our move from Rijswijk in the summer of 2020, our showroom is located in a beautiful location, in a great building, right in the heart of The Hague! Our property offers a beautiful entrance that provides access to our exclusive world of luxurious hookah smoking and lounging Our showroom looks more like a luxurious boutique than a showroom! The various hookahs are like works of art, which have been flown in from all over the world especially for you to this boutique in stately The Hague! The most beautiful hookahs are on display in our showroom. There is an attractive, cozy tea bar where you can enjoy a delicious Chai made from fresh tea leaves. We are also equipped with a beautiful scent bar where you can discover a wide range of delicious flavors that perfectly suit every moment. Our showroom has a cozy, homely atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else! As soon as you enter you can hang up your coat and we will provide you with a delicious cup of tea from our special fresh tea blends. You can then take a look around our chic and atmospheric showroom and see all products in person. Would you like to sit down in between to completely immerse yourself in our lounge experience? You can also do that while you visit our showroom! The showroom has a cozy, cozy lounge area where you can sit and have a good look at the showroom. We therefore do not call the visitors to our showroom customers, but guests!

Listed the features of our beautiful showroom;

  • Exclusive and atmospheric boutique store in the center of beautiful, chic The Hague;
  • Parking spaces in front of our showroom;
  • TTea bar in the showroom where you can enjoy tea with real, fresh tea leaves;
  • Warm homely atmosphere with a chic edge;
  • Complete with a cozy lounge area with sofa;
  • In our showroom you will be welcomed with a delicious cup of tea;
  • You are not a standard customer in our showroom, but a guest!;
  • Experience our hookahs Walhalla where all your senses are addressed;
  • Delicious scented bar where you can always find the flavor that suits your mood.
  • Special shopping nights (Checkout our openings hours)
exclusive hand made hookahs

Why Premium Hookahs?

Since the foundation in 2008 we have built up a lot of experience in hookah smoking and lounging. We are happy to take you into the hookah world and we can provide you with the highest quality hookahs and related products with our extensive product knowledge. Our job is to make sure that we always bring the latest and most exclusive available on the hookah market to you. But that's not all! We are also happy to complete your lounge experience with our range of tasty and fresh Chai (tea) and tasty nuts and dates.All our products are of the highest, first-class quality. We distinguish ourselves with an exceptionally large and extensive range of very exclusive and high-quality products! Thanks to our clear and well-arranged product descriptions, you know exactly what you are getting. It is of course always possible that you have questions about certain products or your order. Even then we are always there for you! The very best service is our top priority and we therefore offer you the highest quality in this area. You can contact us at any time by phone and email and we will do everything we can to help you. We excel with our exclusive products and very extensive range, as well as with our many years of experience and knowledge, fast delivery and excellent service. That's what Premium Hookahs is all about and is unique in our industry! Many positive reactions from visitors and customers confirm our high quality services and products and make us a reliable partner for all your hookah experiences.

Our own Premium Hookahs product line

In addition to the various brands, we also have our own product line to enjoy! Just like the worldwide known brands in our store and showroom, our Premium Hookah products are of the highest and first-class quality. Thanks to our many years of experience in the hookah and lounge world, we have been able to combine our extensive knowledge to produce and market the very best and most exclusive products. Our premium product line guarantees the excellent quality that you have come to expect from us! We surprise our customers time and again with the competitive prices against the extremely good quality of our products. You can recognize our own product line by the mention of our name Premium-Hookahs in the description of the products and by our logo on the packaging. You can easily find our own products by filtering on our brand, title and description or the search function in our store.

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Premium points

In addition to the competitive prices and exclusive quality of our own product line, you can also save Premium points when purchasing items from our own Premium-Hookahs product line. When you create a customer account, we immediately deposit 50 Premium points into this account! For every euro you spend you will receive two Premium points. When you write a product review in our online store after purchase, you also receive an additional 20 points per review. In addition, you can earn Premium points by inviting a friend or family member to also create a customer account. When your friend or family member has created an account and place an order, you will receive a bonus of no less than 350 points. That feels nice! You can also earn points by promoting us. For example, you can share pages on social media. You will receive 10 points for this. You can also sign up for our newsletter which is very nice in itself, but for which you also receive 150 points in your account. And to top it off, we occasionally have a nice promotion on certain products. Especially for you as a loyal customer! When purchasing one of these products you will receive bonus points.

100 Premium points have a value of €1 and your points can be found in the dashboard of your account. When you have collected a nice number of Premium points, you can exchange them for free products or a discount on your order. In the shopping cart you can indicate how many Premium points you want to redeem during the order. You can also leave part of your points for another time. The points are valid for 10 years, so make sure you redeem them on time!

Thank you for taking the time to read our About Us page. We hope you now have a clear idea of who we are and what we stand for and of course what products and services we offer. Do you still have questions? You can always contact us by phone or email. We are happy to be there for you!

See you in our online store and showroom in The Hague!

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