Premium-Hookahs - Complaint handeling

Damage during delivery?

Mail us your order number and photos of the damage immediately. Read here which photos we need to assess the damage. Do not return the product after we have assessed the demage

We need these photos for all damage shipments outside the Netherlands:

  • A photo of the entire outside of the package.
  • A photo of the opened package.
  • A photo of all types of inner packaging.
  • A photo of the entire damaged item.
  • A detail photo of the concrete damage.
  • A photo of the shipping label on the packaging

Not satisfied with your product?

A hookah and many of our products are subjective. That means that the experience often depends on several factors. We also always compare setting up a water pipe with setting up a campfire. One time it sparkles spectacularly, and the other time there is a lot of smoke and little fire. It is often related to the many different products that we offer, each of which gives a different smoking experience in the various combinations. Learning to prepare a hookah and creating great smoking sessions with the new products takes time and getting used to/optimizing along the way. We are happy to help you improve your set-up for better smoking pleasure of your new products. Please contact us via our Whatsapp customer support!

Of course you can always contact the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer can offer you the fastest solution. Due to the many brands and parts currently on the market, we do not have all those parts and repair options available for every brand. The manufacturer always has this and can therefore help you faster than we can.

The contact details of the manufacturer are almost always on the packaging or can be requested via our contact form.

Manufacturer Advantages:

  • More expertise and parts available for this specific product.
  • Faster handling and result (Direct contact with the manufacturer is always faster than via Premium-Hookahs).
  • This allows the manufacturer to improve its products and you also help other customers.
  • The manufacturer often also offers an extra because he wants to maintain the brand image.
  • Some manufacurers have their own waranty program through them. Ask them about it!
  • Premium-Hookahs is the exclusive distributor of many highly regarded brands in this market. We therefore do everything we can to keep the service from these manufacturers as high as possible, with the end result being the highest possible quality of the product. We do this with brands and suppliers from all over the world who guarantee the highest quality available in the market today!

Note: Damage caused by shipping must be reported to Premium-Hookahs immediately, within 2 days of receipt.


It is, of course, annoying if you have a complaint about our service or products. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to make your complaint known by e-mail to: customer This can be done by e-mail, regular post, and/or telephone. Our employees in the customer contact department will review the complaint and try to resolve the complaint to everyone's satisfaction. We do everything we can every day to satisfy our customers. Even if you have a complaint about us, we will treat it very seriously and offer a suitable solution. Give us the opportunity to do this and therefore if you have any doubts/complaints, please contact us immediately!

After receipt of your complaint you will receive a confirmation from us and we will answer your complaint within 14 days of receipt. We usually do this on the same day!
If you do not appreciate this, you can always contact the mediation department of Stichting Webwinkelkeur to which we are affiliated (Based in the Netherlands). If for any reason the mediation attempt does not lead to a satisfactory solution, you have the option of submitting your dispute to the Disputes Committee (SGC). You can also contact the European ODR.

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