Hookah Accessories

At Premium Hookahs, we have the largest selection of bong accessories and parts. Think of important parts like bong foil, vases, rubbers and valve balls. In addition to all the necessary parts, we also have dozens of accessories and gadgets. Buying hookah accessories at Premium Hookahs is like buying candy for kids. We have hundreds of different accessories to pimp your set-up and take your smoking sessions to the next level. Choose from diffusers, Ice hoses, vase protectors, LED lights and various heat management tools. We have everything you need to pimp your hookah! Of course we also have special cleaning tools, tongs and mouthpieces. Not surprisingly, we even amaze the Hookah pros with the new additions to our collection!

Coal Burners

A coal burner is indispensable if you want to smoke a hookah with natural coals. You can also heat the coals on the gas stove, but this creates a lot of mess and takes a long time. Nowadays, more and more kitchens have electric stoves, making a coal burner a real must! We also offer gas coal burners, ideal if you want to smoke outside without chemical Quick light coals.

Hookah bases

The hookah base is an important part of both the smoking experience and the appearance of the hookah. We offer vases from a variety of brands, from Egyptian hand-blown vases to Bohemian crystal vases with 24 karat gold imprints. You can order a new vase if you accidentally dropped your old one, if the old vase is very dirty or if you just like a nice new design. Give your hookah a completely new look and make your choice from different colors and models of hookah bases! See your hookah as an juwel / fashion item and a piece of art for you living room! 

Hookah accessories

In our shop you will also find various hookah accessories related to water pipe coals such as pipe wands, lighters, foils, Heat Management Devices and bowls. With these accessories you can upgrade your hookah set-up with for example better tongs or a nicer coal bowl!

HMD - Heat managment tools

Heat Management Devices are products that ensure that the heat of the tobacco is heated to the right temperature. As we also explain in our Heat Management blog, the right heating temperature is essential for a good smoking session. If the temperature is too high, your tobacco can burn, resulting in a sharp taste. Our HMDs ensure that the tobacco is heated to just the right temperature. In addition, many HMDs have additional benefits. For example, you no longer need to poke holes or use foil.

Mouthpieces and rubbers

If you have visitors or smoke a lot with friends, it is hygienic to use mouthpieces. Here you will find different types of mouthpieces for each type of bong. You will also find suitable rubbers to seal your hookah properly and airtight. Sealing rubbers are a relatively cheap solution to improve the quality of hookah smoking. A completely airtight hookah improves shisha smoking!


Maintaining your hookah is done by cleaning it regularly. Not only does this extend the life of your hookah, but it also ensures that the taste of the tobacco is optimal. We sell special water pipe cleaning products to clean both the vase and the stem. Our cleaning powder not only cleans, but you can also use it before changing flavors. It makes the hookah flavorless and neutral.


A wind cover, also called a wind cover, is a useful tool to both secure the coals, and control the heat. With a wind cover, you increase the heating of the tobacco by fifty degrees. This is useful when you want to heat the tobacco quickly or when the coals are almost burned out. In addition, of course, a windshield also provides protection from wind. This is useful if you are an outdoor smoker. If you smoke outside, it is very difficult to smoke properly if the ash from the coals is flying around. In addition, the temperature remains a lot more stable with a windshield. Different sizes, models and colors of windshields are available from us!

Hookah Parts

We also have various small accessories for the hookah. Think of parts and accessories to expand your hookah to a hookah with two, three or even four tubes. You will also find air valve balls and spheres in our shop.

Candy colors

Our Candy Colour makes it even easier to get your favorite pastel shades into your vase. Just add some of our Candy Colour to the water in your vase and you'll create your own unique hue. Just shake well before use and then rinse well with lukewarm water.

Extra accessoires

Did you not found what you need? We have more then 100+ extra accessoires that can fulfill your needs! 

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Hookah Accessories

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  1. In stock
    Bowl grommet - Traditional
    € 0,95
  2. In stock
    Mouth tips - XXL (man) 50pc
    € 7,50
  3. In stock
    Shisha Mouth tips XL - 10 pieces
    € 1,95
  4. In stock
    Hose grommet - Traditional
    € 0,95
  5. In stock
    € 2,95
  6. In stock
    Mouth tips - M (man) 80pc
    € 5,95
  7. In stock
    Base protector
    € 3,95
    € 2,95
  8. In stock
    Glass Ball bearing (Stainless)
    € 1,50
  9. In stock
    Glass Ball bearing - Classic 6mm (5-pack)
    € 7,50
    € 4,95
  10. In stock
    Premium bowl grommet
    € 1,50
  11. In stock
    foil prikpen
    € 2,00
  12. In stock
    Ice Hose tip
    € 9,00
  13. In stock
    Khalil Mamoon Base - Clear Gold
    € 25,00
  14. In stock
    Base grommet - Traditional
    € 3,95
  15. In stock
    Babylon Charcoal heather (+ Waranty)
    € 35,00
  16. In stock
    Khalil Mamoon Base - Classic Apple
    € 19,95
  17. In stock
    € 4,95
    € 3,50
  18. In stock
    panzerfoil - 25 wither
    € 9,50
  19. In stock
    Cleaning brush - Stang
    € 3,95
  20. In stock
    Heba Diffuser
    € 3,95
    € 2,50
  21. In stock
    Silicone Base grommet
    € 4,00

Items 1-24 of 277

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