At Premium Hookahs you can buy various accessories in addition to water pipes, such as a coal burner. With a charcoal burner you can heat up the coals for your water pipe. The device ensures that the coals burn twice as fast as when you do this on the gas stove. In our wide range you will find different types of coal burners from various leading brands. Tip: Go for the round charcoal burners instead of the flat hob. They are slightly more expensive but a lot safer than the flat ones where coals are in an open fire. They also last a lot longer!

Which type of charcoal burner do you choose?

Coal burners, coal heaters and hobs are available from us in various types and designs. For example, you can opt for a charcoal burner with various positions and rotary knobs or for hobs suitable for smaller spaces. The flat hobs are admittedly slightly cheaper, but also a lot less safe because coals are lying in an open fire. The round charcoal burners are therefore our favorite and last longer. All coal burners and electric hobs are ideal for heating our natural coals. Bring convenience into your home with these coal starters!

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Charcoal Heathers

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  1. In stock
    Babylon Charcoal heather (+ Waranty)
    € 35,00
  2. In stock
    Amy Deluxe - Hot Turbo Charcoal heather (500W)
    € 19,50
    € 17,50
  3. In stock
    Shisha Turbine - Turbo Charcoal heather (+ Waranty)
    € 99,00
  4. Hookah Flame kookplaat
    In stock
    Campingman - butaan gas
    € 5,00
  5. In stock
    Shisha Charcoal heather - Tosti (+ Waranty)
    € 29,00
  6. Out of stock
    Amy Deluxe - Tornado Charcoal heather (+ Waranty)
    € 35,00
  7. Out of stock
    Rsonic - Butaan gass
    € 2,95
  8. Hookah Flame kookplaat
    Out of stock
    Hookah Flame - Charcoal Burner
    € 25,00

Items 1-9 of 9

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