Hookah Bowls

The hookah bowl is an important part of the hookah, and we also call it the icing on the cake or the peak on the Christmas tree. Hookah bowls come in different designs (Phunnel, vortex and classic), sizes (large, medium, small), and types of material. At Premium-Hookahs, almost all products fit on our hookahs. We therefore always recommend that you buy all your products from us on a customer account. This way we can always provide service by quickly seeing which products you have purchased from us and whether a certain product goes well with your set-up. And what's more, with a Premium-Hookahs account you also save Premium points with us for hefty discounts!

In general, we always recommend a quality Phunnel bowl. This type of bowl ensures that the juices of your flavors do not drip into the vase. This way your session will stay flavorful for much longer. The airflow and smoke flow is also much smoother because the holes do not get clogged with tobacco / steam stones / paste. 

The size matters if you want short or long sessions. For the longer sessions, of course, a larger or wider bowl. Most new bowls and heads with a slightly higher price are suitable for all our HMDs. We are still working on indicating per bowl whether an HMD (Heat Management Device to seal the bowl instead of aluminum foil) or a Hot screen fits. Unfortunately, this is still unclear for now. For questions about this you can always email or app us on 0031658801221.

The type of material is also important. The higher the quality of the material, the less quickly your tobacco / flavor will burn. This in turn ensures a better taste and that you do not get a sting in your throat during smoking (burning taste).

Do you always prefer to smoke the same flavor and do you think enhancing the flavor is very important? Then take a look at our unglazed hookah bowl. These have no glaze layer and so absorb the flavor over time. Good for infusing your favorite shisha flavour.


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Hookah Bowls

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  1. In stock
    Bowl grommet - Traditional
    € 0,95
  2. In stock
    Premium-Hookahs - Silicone Bowl (Premium)
    € 8,95
    € 5,95
  3. In stock
    Premium bowl grommet
    € 1,50
  4. In stock
    Amy - Classic Stone Bowl
    € 12,50
    € 9,95
  5. In stock
    Cascade - Phunnel Bowl
    € 15,00
  6. In stock
    Premium-Hookahs - Tomahawk Phunnel Bowl
    € 9,95
    € 7,95
  7. In stock
    Premium-Hookahs - Swirl Bowl 1.0
    € 9,95
    € 4,95
  8. Amy standaard tabakskop
    In stock
    Amy - Standaard tabakskop (ongeglazuurd)
    € 7,95
  9. In stock
    Japanese phunnel Bowl
    € 12,50
    € 9,95
  10. In stock
    Flavour phunnel Bowl (Unglazed)
    € 12,50
    € 8,50
  11. In stock
    Egyptian Bowl (Flatt)
    € 3,95
    € 2,50
  12. In stock
    Egyptian Bowl (Classic)
    € 3,95
  13. kaloud samsaris
    In stock
    Siliconen glazen - Vitra bowl
    € 29,95
  14. In stock
    Hot Cut set
    € 45,00
    € 35,00
  15. In stock
    Oduman Ignis Revo - Heat Management Tool
    € 29,95
  16. In stock
    Steamulation Heat Management System
    € 50,00
  17. In stock
    Premium-Hookahs - Caesar Bowl
    € 7,50
    € 3,95
  18. In stock
    HC Highfire Neo - Sweet Cake
    € 19,95
  19. Bowl screen (for steam stones)
    In stock
    Bowl screen (for steam stones)
    € 3,95
  20. In stock
    Bengala - Nano Avatar phunnel Bowl
    € 25,00
  21. In stock
    Bengala - Joker 1 Phunnel (Green)
    € 25,00
    € 17,50
  22. In stock
    Bengala - Samui Phunnel (Green)
    € 25,00
  23. In stock
    Cascade - glow in the dark
    € 25,00
  24. In stock
    HC Highfire Strip Tradi - Sky Blue
    € 19,50

Items 1-24 of 108

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