The vortex bowls work on the same principle as the phunnel bowls, you put the flavor around a chimney, which gives you a smooth airflow and long tasteful sessions. This is because the flavor doesn't block the holes, and the flavor juices don't leak through the shaft. Compared to the phunnel bowls, the vortex cups have 1 big advantage. The vortex cups have multiple holes on the outside of the cup. As a result, the bowl can never vacuum itself if you don't pull the aluminum foil tight enough. In general Phunnel bowls are more populair and overal better then Vortex bowls. Vortex bowls are for those who want to have comfort. For starter smokers that does not want to buy a Chimney hot screen set or HMD (Heat management device), Vortex bowls are recommended. When you are a starting hookah smoker and you are using Aluminium foil, the Phunnel bowl can sometimes gives difficulties preparing it correctly. So in that case a Vortex bowl is good because the middle cant vacuum itself with the middle hole. 

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Vortex Bowls

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    Vortex Bowl
    € 9,95
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    Amy - Hot screen set
    € 17,50
  3. Amy standaard tabakskop
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    Amy - Standaard tabakskop (ongeglazuurd)
    € 7,95
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    Oduman Ignis Revo - Heat Management Tool
    € 29,95
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    Premium-Hookahs - Caesar Bowl
    € 7,50
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    Bowl grommet - Deluxe - 5-pack
    € 7,50
    € 3,95
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    Premium bowl grommet
    € 1,50
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    Quasar 1 - Raas Thermic Bowl
    € 49,00

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