Both Easy Light coals and natural coals are available for purchase from us for use in hookahs and shisha pipes. Easy Light coals are also referred to as Quick Light coals. The applications and outcomes of these categories are distinct. Natural coals, (also called block coals or square coals) on the other hand, have to be heated for a few minutes either in an electric coal heater before they can be lit, whereas easy light coals can simply be lit with a lighter. Our natural coals, on the other hand, are made without the use of any chemicals, which is why even the most used hookah smokers choose to purchase. At Premium Hookahs, we recommend going with natural coal for your hookah. Natural charcoal provides you with sessions that last considerably longer, has a better taste, and contains less dangerous elements. In the end, even considering the cost of a charcoal heather, natural charcoal is cheaper than quick light coal. Do you want to truly get the most out of your hookah setup and get some shisha coals to use in it? The selection of hookah coal offered by Premium Hookahs is unparalleled in Europe. We sell shisha coals in both round and square bundles, as well as small and large quantities. If you want to have some more heat or longer smoking sessions, we recommend you to use bigger sized charcoal. You can select / view this on the product page or by using the category filters. 

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  1. In stock
    Three Kings - 33mm
    € 14,95
  2. In stock
    Babylon 26X26X26 (1kg)
    € 7,50
  3. In stock
    KEFO - Coco (1kg)
    € 7,50
  4. In stock
    Tom Cococha - Diamond (54pieces)
    € 6,50
  5. In stock
    Al Fakher - 33mm (roll)
    € 2,00
  6. In stock
    Carbopol Ring - 38mm
    € 14,50
  7. In stock
    Babylon Charcoal heather (+ Waranty)
    € 35,00
  8. In stock
    Carbopol Ring - 38mm (roll)
    € 1,95
  9. In stock
    Tom Cococha - Silver (for HMD)
    € 8,95
  10. rol-three-kings-33-millimeter-kooltjes
    In stock
    Three Kings kooltjes 33mm (rol)
    € 2,50
  11. In stock
    Three Kings - 40mm
    € 17,50
  12. In stock
    Carbopol Crown - 40mm (roll)
    € 2,50
  13. rol-three-kings-kool
    In stock
    Three Kings kooltjes 40mm (rol)
    € 2,95
  14. In stock
    Carbopol Crown - 40mm
    € 17,50
  15. In stock
    Tom Cococha - Diamond (1kg)
    € 9,00
  16. In stock
    Tom Cococha - Blue C15 (1kg)
    € 8,00
  17. In stock
    One Nation Cubes #26er
    € 8,00
  18. In stock
    Bucoco - Inferno Edition 1KG
    € 7,95
  19. Hookah Flame kookplaat
    In stock
    Hookah Flame - Charcoal Burner
    € 25,00
  20. In stock
    Al Fakher Charcoal Discount carton - 33mm (24 x 10 rolllen)
    € 190,00
    € 119,95
  21. In stock
    Fastcoco - Golden Coal (1kg)
    € 12,50
  22. In stock
    Tom Cococha - Premium Gold (1kg) - discount pack 20x 1kg
    € 150,00
    € 125,00
  23. babylon kokosnoot kolen 1kg
    In stock
    Babylon 26X26X26 (1kg) - Voordeel doos 20x 1kg
    € 140,00
    € 109,00

Items 1-24 of 52

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