Premium-Hookahs offers you a wide variety of hookahs. Premium-Hookahs offers you the most extensive range of hookahs in the world! Our collection consists of traditional (hand-made) Egyptian and Turkish hookahs, but also modern shishas such as the German Steamulation hookahs or luxury designer hookahs such as Russian Maklaud hookahs. You can buy a complete shisha both online and in our showroom in The Hague.

See us as the shoppingcentre of all hookah brands. We are the official distributor of all populair hookah and shisha brands available in the market, as well as niche brands. To find your new hookah, use our filters to filter out the best matching hookah for you. Do you want a hookah that is smokable with mulitple people at the same time? Filter on multiple hosed hookahs (up to 4 hoses!). Do you like hookahs with an estonishing look? Then filter on the materials used. We even carry hookahs that are made of real crystal and gold! Also checkout our blogs and hookah category pages. They all contain information with tips and knowledge about all our different brands. 

Note: Some hookahs come as a full set including a bowl, a bowl grommet, and a hose. But most of the more exclusive hookahs does not include those and these products should be bought seperately. Each product will indicate what is included and what not. Also at Premium-Hookahs we take care that all our bowls and hoses will fit our hookahs. So all our hookah bowls fits all our hookahs for example! 

Tip: Place your orders through a Premium-Hookahs customer account so that you and us have insight in the products for any advice regarding the best matching add ons (such as the best combination bowl + hookah for example, or a fitting replacement base). Also you earn free loyalty points by doing that with every order! 

Traditional style hookahs - Artisan handmade!

Traditionally handmade hookahs are usually made entirely of copper and are undoubtedly the most unique and enchanting type of hookahs available on the market. Each part is made by hand by craftsmen in Turkey or Egypt, among others. This ensures that each model is a beautiful showpiece that you will enjoy again and again while smoking shisha.

In the better Shisha Lounges, our copper hookahs are mainly used for one and the same taste type. Think, for example, of the menthol-like flavors in the same hookah or sweet fruit-like flavors (blueberry or watermelon, for example) in another copper hookah. In this way, it not only ensures that flavors will not get mixed up, the taste of a copper hookah will also be drawn into the hookah more and more after use, resulting in a much stronger and tastier taste than in most modern hookahs!

Tip: Combine your traditionally handmade hookah with a non-washable hose and an unglazed hookah bowl or a good quality Phunnel bowl and always smoke it with your favorite flavour! A non-washable hose retains flavor just like an unglazed tobacco bowl!

  • Advantages and characteristics of traditional handmade hookahs
  • Highest taste and flavour experience (The material absorbs the flavour!)
  • Ideal to use in combination with your favorite flavour
  • Keeping one of the same kind of taste improves the taste in the hookah over time
  • Artisan handmade with love
  • So every hookah is unique, specially made for you, no two are identical
  • Can be put together as desired or expanded later
  • Fairly universal, so almost all hookah hoses and tobacco heads connect. Almost all handmade hookah vases fit for a completely different style.
  • Can be upgraded with a Bohemian crystal vase
  • Decorative highlight if you like an Oriental / Oriental style
  • Ideal to give as a gift due to its uniqueness and appearance
  • Contains very few loose parts that cannot get lost
  • Traditional smoking chamber and almost always only available in 1 hose version (this improves the quality of the smoking)
  • Always easy to obtain spare parts (such as vases / hoses, etc.)
  • Copper is always easy to polish with copper polish for an extra shiney look
  • Extremely durable build and therefore long lasting
  • Often used in shisha lounges
  • Are often used by the more experienced hookah smoker, often in combination with the somewhat stronger tobacco types

Modern style hookahs - Trendy and equipped with all comforts!

Our collection of modern hookahs are very trendy and equipped with the latest technical gadgets to ensure that you smoke an extremely smooth (smooth airflow) hookah with an enormous smoke development. We do not only recommend these hookahs because of the smoke quality, but especially if you plan to experiment a lot with different flavors. Most of these modern hookahs are made of the highest quality metal that ensures that your shisha flavors will not linger in the metal. This ensures that you can easily clean the hookah with our hookah cleaning products before trying out a new flavor and you won't taste flavors mixed up!

Our modern style hookahs also have a wide choice of models with two, three or even four hoses; nice for if you like to smoke hookah with family or friends. Take a quick look at our range and choose the hookah that suits your taste and budget.

Benefits and features of modern style hookahs

  • Often more advanced and more convenient options (think of an adjustable diffuser, easier vase closure, etc.)
  • By fearing the ports, often a smoother airflow
  • Good price-quality ratio (for example, a hookah hose and tobacco head are often already included)
  • Good if you want to experiment a lot with different flavours
  • Expandable to a hookah with multiple hoses
  • Stylish fitting for a modern interior
  • Replacement parts are often difficult to obtain (Need a specific replacement part? App us on 0031658801221 or email your request here)
Modern hookahs are trendy and stylish for the more austere home furnishings. No fuss, and you can often set these hookahs to color by means of an LED light (sometimes included, depending on the brand) or, for example, with our color / flavor hookah powders for in the vase. So you can still give a completely sleek hookah the color and style you want at that moment.

Luxury designer hookahs - The best, newest and most advanced available worldwide!

Premium-Hookahs always brings the latest and best generation of hookahs to the market. It is not for nothing that we are called ''Premium'' Hookahs. We only work with the most exclusive and professional hookah brands available worldwide!

All Premium quality hookahs are equipped with the latest technical improvements that ensure that the hookah is even tastier, lasts longer and produces thicker clouds of smoke. If you want the best of the best then look no further and check out our category of premium quality designer hookahs!

In addition, these designer hookahs are increasingly seen as a luxury product and status symbol for the living room to steal the show. Worldwide there are many craftsmen and designers who make luxurious state of the art hookahs from high quality materials such as walnut wood, leather, stainless steel, Bohemian crystal and even 24 carat gold is sometimes used! So do you want something exclusive, and something that you can place without embarrassment as a decorative highlight in your living room or lounge corner? Then consider our designer hookahs such as Maklaud.

You can have your hookah put together in a color that matches your interior or style in our showroom or remotely via our online custom service via Whatsapp (0031658801221).

If you want to buy a hookah, you can assemble the hookah yourself with some brands by selecting the hose, hookah bowl, bowl and vase to your taste.

Check out some of the designer brands we are proud to work with:

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  1. In stock
    Oduman - Probubble (Black)
    € 139,95
  2. In stock
    Oduman - Probubble (Blue)
    € 139,95
  3. Oduman - ATOMIC (Black)
    In stock
    Oduman - ATOMIC (Black)
    € 39,95
  4. farida kaas el alam waterpijp
    In stock
    Farida - Kaas el Alam_EN
    € 149,95
  5. In stock
    Oduman - N5 Clear
    € 179,00
  6. In stock
    Oduman - Gusto XL
    € 179,00
  7. farida cleopatra waterpijp
    In stock
    Farida - Cleopatra
    € 149,00
  8. In stock
    Khalil Mamoon - Double Kamanja stem
    € 109,00
  9. In stock
    Pumpkin II (Blue)
    € 19,95
  10. farida kamanja waterpijp
    In stock
    Farida - Gold and Silver Ice chiller
    € 199,00
    € 179,95
  11. khalil mamoon temple
    In stock
    Khalil Mamoon - Temple Gold
    € 109,00
  12. In stock
    Oduman N5 - Junior - clear
    € 79,95
  13. In stock
    Paname - Money Shisha
    € 55,00
    € 39,00
  14. In stock
    Oduman - Smoke Tank Clear
    € 99,50
  15. In stock
    Amy - 038R I Need You (Black/Blue)
    € 75,00
    € 69,95
  16. Khalil Mamoon Beast
    In stock
    Khalil Mamoon - Star Gold
    € 109,00
  17. In stock
    Amy - SS24.02 Gear S (Black/Black)
    € 149,95
  18. In stock
    El Nefes - Pasha stem (Black)
    € 149,95
  19. In stock
    El Nefes - Pasha (aqua)
    € 149,95
  20. In stock
    Shisha soner - Blue
    € 45,00
    € 35,00
  21. In stock
    Frosted Gumball (Turquoise)
    € 49,00
  22. el nefes gazi blue
    In stock
    El Nefes - Gazi (Green)
    € 149,00
  23. In stock
    Farida - Golden Eagle (Limited Edition)
    € 299,95
  24. In stock
    Amir's 200
    € 150,00

Items 1-24 of 376

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