El Nefes

Hookah smoking specialists rank El Nefes as one of the best hookah brands in the world. We undoubtedly agree. This Turkish brand is world famous for its exceptional quality, artisanal finishes and exceptionally tasteful smoking experience. The models are therefore also very popular among collectors. With their restricted airflow, these handcrafted hookahs are also an unparalleled and strong piece of craftsmanship! Turkish hookahs are known for conveying just a little bit more flavor than Egyptian hookahs. So there are plenty of reasons to take a look at our range in our range below.

Our traditionally handmade El Nefes hookahs are undoubtedly one of the most unique and enchanting types of hookahs available on the market. El nefes hookahs are almost always made entirely of copper and can be put together completely according to your wishes. Each part is made by hand by artisans in Turkey. This ensures that every model is a beautiful showpiece that you will enjoy again and again while smoking hookah.

Copper hookahs are mainly used in shisha lounges for the same taste type. For example, menthol-like flavors in the same hookah or sweet fruit-like flavors (cherry or strawberry, for example) in another copper hookah. In this way, it not only ensures that flavors will not get mixed up, the taste of a copper hookahs will also be drawn into the hookah more and more after use, resulting in a much stronger and tastier taste than in most modern hookahs!

Another big advantage of a traditionally handmade El Nefes hookahs is that it has few separate parts, and can often only be smoked with 1 hose (you can also see this as a disadvantage if you prefer to smoke a hookah with 2 or more hoses / people). want to smoke at the same time). This makes replacement parts easy to find. Also, almost all types of traditional hookahs use the same type of vase / glassware (closed by means of a rubber closure that can be made to measure). This means you won't have any problems if the vase breaks, or if you want to change the style and color of your hookah!

Tip: Combine your traditionally handmade El Nefes hookahs with a non-washable hose such as an Ottoman Goatskin hookah hose and an unglazed bowl or a good quality Phunnel bowl and smoke it as much as possible only with your favorite flavor type (sweet, sour, spicy, fresh, etc.).

A non-washable hose retains flavor just like an unglazed bowl!

Tip: Do you want to give something unique or, for example, a great and unique gift to a loved one or yourself? Then let us put together your hookah in our showroom or via our online whatsapp custom service (0031658801221). Send us a photo of your interior and we will make something that perfectly matches your wishes! Also check out our instagram page (@premiumhookahs) where we post all our designs!

Note: As you can see, these hookahs are made by hand one by one by craftsmen who have been doing this with passion for decades. This means that the hookahs may contain imperfections such as spots, small welds / traces of handiwork, etc. If you do not want this, avoid the traditionally hand-made hookahs and go for a machine-made hookah. This prevents annoyances.

Note: We are the official importer of El Nefes in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, there are many copies and counterfeit models on the market. Premium-Hookahs is the official dealer of the Netherlands in the Netherlands and guarantees you an authentic original El Nefes hookah. Recognizable by the different brand imprints on specific locations of the hookah (Counterfeit El Nefes, for example, has no blow-out port). We also register your authentic El Nefes hookahs on your Premium-Hookahs customer account, when ordering using a customer account on our website.

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El Nefes

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  1. In stock
    El Nefes - Pasha (aqua)
    € 149,95
  2. el nefes gazi blue
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    El Nefes - Gazi (Green)
    € 149,00
  3. In stock
    El Nefes - Colonial Sultan set (Opal)
    € 199,00
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    El Nefes - Colonial Sultan set (Black)
    € 199,00
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    El Nefes - Sultan set (aqua)
    € 249,00
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    El Nefes - Sultan set (clear)
    € 249,00
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    El Nefes - Colonial Sultan set (amber)
    € 199,00
  8. Out of stock
    El Nefes - Colonial Sultan set (Emerald)
    € 199,00
  9. el nefes gazi blue
    Out of stock
    El Nefes - Gazi-EN
    € 149,95
  10. Out of stock
    El Nefes - Pasha stem (Black)
    € 149,95
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    El Nefes - Colonial Sultan (Black)

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