Classic hookah smoking has been completely renewed thanks to the arrival of the modern Oduman hookahs. What makes the brand so special is that their models are largely made of glass and they are always looking for innovations within the hookah world. Each model also has a unique shape. Oduman owes its rapid rise to all the extras you can do with it. When ordering you can choose from a transparent (clear) or matte variant. With the clear vase you can play well with the contents by, for example, filling it with fresh fruit or coloring powder. With the matte vase, on the other hand, you can play well with light, because the matte glass absorbs the light very nicely. Although the design of these glass hookahs is completely different than you are used to, quality has not been compromised. When ordering you will receive a silicone hose, which reduces ghost flavors. The surgical steel parts are easy to clean, and thanks to the screw thread you get a very good seal. All models have a hose holder and a diffuser on the bar as standard.

oduman hookahs with fruit and led light

Oduman hookahs are known as hookahs that produce a lot of smoke. They are also suitable for many different tastes. So use the Oduman hookah especially if you often want to experiment with different flavors. 

Our collection of modern hookahs are very trendy and equipped with the latest technical gadgets to ensure that you smoke an extremely smooth (smooth airflow) hookah with an enormous smoke development. We do not only recommend these hookahs because of the smoke quality, but especially if you plan to experiment a lot with different flavors. Most of these modern hookahs are made of the highest quality metal that ensures that your shisha flavors will not linger in the metal. This ensures that you can easily clean the hookah with our shisha cleaning products before trying out a new flavor and you won't taste flavors mixed up! 

Oduman is also known for making very high quality portable hookahs. Do you often take your hookah with you to friends / family or, for example, on a trip? Our portable hookahs with carrying bag offer a solution. Also nice for when you go to friends and want to brighten up the evening with a shisha on the table.

Last but not least there is the possibility with Oduman hookahs to expand the hookah to a hookah with multiple hoses without compromising on the smoke quality. Order your extra oduman hose and oduman adapter here. Very handy and comfortable if you want to relax for a cozy evening with friends or family!

Oduman fruit hookahs with led light party

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  1. In stock
    Oduman - Probubble (Black)
    € 139,95
  2. In stock
    Oduman - Probubble (Blue)
    € 139,95
  3. Oduman - ATOMIC (Black)
    In stock
    Oduman - ATOMIC (Black)
    € 39,95
  4. In stock
    Oduman - N5 Clear
    € 179,00
  5. In stock
    Oduman - Gusto XL
    € 179,00
  6. In stock
    Oduman N5 - Junior - clear
    € 79,95
  7. In stock
    Oduman - Smoke Tank Clear
    € 99,50
  8. In stock
    Oduman Gusto - clear
    € 129,95
  9. In stock
    Oduman - N2 Clear Gold (set)
    € 150,00
  10. In stock
    El Nefes Meets Oduman - Dream M2 (Indigo)
    € 179,95
  11. In stock
    El Nefes Meets Oduman - Dream M2 (Sky Blue)
    € 179,95
  12. In stock
    El Nefes Meets Oduman - Dream M2 (Amber)
    € 179,95
  13. In stock
    El Nefes Meets Oduman - Dream M1 (Sky Blue)
    € 179,95
  14. In stock
    Oduman - RS-19 Six Pack
    € 175,00
  15. In stock
    Oduman - RS Smoke Blade
    € 149,95
  16. In stock
    Oduman - N3 on the go Hookah
    € 79,95
    € 75,00
  17. In stock
    Oduman - Smoke X Hookah
    € 99,95
  18. In stock
    Oduman - Proxy (Ocean Green)
    € 199,95
  19. In stock
    Oduman - Proxy (Pink / Purple)
    € 199,95
  20. Out of stock
    Oduman - N2 Clear
    € 125,00
  21. Out of stock
    Oduman N2 - Travel Clear
    € 75,00
  22. Out of stock
    Oduman - Monster
    € 89,95

Items 1-24 of 26

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