WD Hookah is known for its robust stainless steel hookahs comparable to the quality of a German MIG hookah. WD Hookah is also produced in Germany from the highest quality steel (stainless steel). WD Hookah has a very affordable price for its quality compared to other quality brands, where the amount is often above 400 euros for comparable quality. Other advantages of WD hookahs are the vases. The WD hookah vases are all of a unique, beautiful, static and sleek design. WD Hookahs with multiple hose ports have the functionality that you can effortlessly connect an extra silicone hose, without having to fiddle with the ports. Smoking with several people at the same time also does not affect the smoke quality, as is often the case with lower quality hookahs. Very handy and comfortable if you want to relax for a cozy evening with friends or family!

Order your extra silicone hoses for the WD hookah here.

Our collection of WD hookah hookahs are very trendy and equipped with the latest technical gadgets to ensure that you smoke an extremely smooth (smooth airflow) hookah with an enormous smoke development. We do not only recommend these hookahs because of the smoke quality, but especially if you plan to experiment a lot with different flavors. Most of these modern style WD hookahs are made of the highest quality metal that ensures that your shisha flavors will not linger in the metal. This ensures that you can easily clean the WD hookah with our shisha cleaning products before trying out a new flavor and you won't taste flavors mixed up!

Modern hookahs are trendy and stylish for the more austere home furnishings. No fuss, and you can often adjust these hookahs to color by means of LED ice cubes (sometimes included, depending on the brand) or, for example, with our color / flavor powders for in the vase. So you can still give a completely sleek hookah the color and style that you want at that moment.

custom made products by hand unique gifts premium hookahsAre you looking for something exclusive for your lounge room or living room? Or a crazy unique gift for your loved one?

Tip: Do you want to give something unique or, for example, a great and unique gift to a loved one or yourself? Then let us put together your hookah in our showroom or via our online whatsapp custom service (0031658801221). Send us a photo of your interior and we will make something that perfectly matches your wishes! Also check out our instagram page (@premiumhookahs) where we post all our designs!

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WD Hookah

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  1. In stock
    WD Hookah - Tafelmodel (Transparant / Gold)
    € 159,95
  2. In stock
    WD Hookah - Silver bullet
    € 149,95
  3. In stock
    WD Hookah - Limited edition (Royal Blue)
    € 199,95
  4. In stock
    WD Hookah - (Black Transparant)
    € 179,95
  5. In stock
    WD Hookah - (Gold Transparant)
    € 159,95
  6. Out of stock
    WD Hookah - Classic (Transparant / Silver)
    € 149,95
  7. Out of stock
    WD Hookah - Luxury edition (White / Gold)
    € 159,95
  8. Out of stock
    WD Hookah - Grey bullet
    € 149,95

Items 1-9 of 9

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