It started in 2005 with a few Polish students and one dream. They wanted to create a hookah that was different from others. Something simple, yet surprising. They came up with the idea of using different types of wood, and so the Wookah brand was born. The original ideas can be found in every model. The bars are made of different types of wood, such as oak and walnut, but also teak and iroko. The shape is kept simple and elegant. On the other hand, the crystal vases have surprising patterns that are unique to this brand. All this offers you a water pipe that is both exclusive and durable. The solid wood Wookahs are made by hand, with the exception of the detailed parts. These are cut using the precision technology of CNC machines. You pay for it, but Wookah wants to give you a bong that exceeds your expectations in return! So take a quick look at our range below, choose the type of wood you like and combine it with the vase that appeals to you the most.

All our Wookahs are supplied without a hose and hookah bowl.

View all our Wookah hoses here, made of genuine leather and a wooden mouthpiece!

In addition, there is the possibility to expand your Wookah shisha to a hookah with two hoses without compromising on the smoke quality. Very handy and comfortable if you want to relax for a cozy evening with friends or family!

Order your extra silicone hoses for Wookah here.

Tip: Do you want to give something unique or, for example, a great and unique gift to a loved one or yourself? Then let us put together your hookah in our showroom or via our online whatsapp custom service (0031658801221). Send us a photo of your interior and we will make something that perfectly matches your wishes! Also check out our instagram page (@premiumhookahs) where we post all our designs!

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  1. In stock
    Wookah - Wallnut classic
    € 440,00
  2. In stock
    Wookah - Arctic Blue (V2)
    € 349,00
  3. In stock
    Wookah - Oak (V2)
    € 269,00
  4. In stock
    Wookah - Iroko
    € 299,95
  5. In stock
    Wookah - Iroko Classic
    € 444,00
  6. In stock
    Wookah - Smooth Nox (V2)
    € 440,00
  7. In stock
    Wookah - Olive wood nox whiteh 24k gold
    € 2.144,00
  8. In stock
    Wookah - Olives Grom 24K Gold-Plated
    € 2.188,00
  9. In stock
    Wookah - White Nox 24K Gold-Plated (Check Black)
    € 2.233,00
  10. In stock
    Wookah - Grom
    € 665,00
  11. In stock
    Wookah - Nox
    € 699,00
    € 599,00
  12. In stock
    Wookah - Black Pink
    € 333,00
  13. In stock
    Wookah - Mastercut Check - Black Pink
    € 450,00
  14. In stock
    Wookah - Grom Wenge
    € 495,00
  15. khalil mamoon osama
    In stock
    Wookah - White Nox (Starry night) (V2)
    € 525,00
  16. khalil mamoon osama
    In stock
    Wookah - Ignis (V2)
    € 425,00
  17. khalil mamoon osama
    In stock
    Wookah - Nox Rustic (V2)
    € 399,00
  18. In stock
    Wookah - Grom Padouk (V2)
    € 495,00
  19. In stock
    Wookah - Nox Jade (V2)
    € 399,00
  20. In stock
    Wookah - Lumi Red (V2)
    € 499,00

Items 1-24 of 27

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