Premium-Hookahs | Earn loyalty points!

Earn premium points

When you create a customer account, you will immediately receive 250 Premium points (€2.50) on your customer account. For every euro spent, you will receive another two Premium points. If you then write a product review for each product you have ordered from us, you will receive an additional 50 Premium points per review! In addition, you will receive a bonus of no less than 350 Premium points when inviting your friends or family to become a customer of Premium Hookahs. For each person who places an order with us via your referral, you will immediately receive 350 Premium Points on your customer account! Your total Premium Points are tracked in your account dashboard. 100 Premium points can be exchanged for a €1,- euro discount! You can invite friends to become customers of Premium-Hookahs on the left under ''Referred friends''.

For making a video review in Dutch or English you will receive no less than 1500 Premium points (Mail us after uploading on Youtube). You also get points for sharing products on Social Media. Use the social media buttons on the product page of our website for this (make sure you are logged in to automatically get the Premium points added to your customer account).

Sometimes we sell products that give you extra bonus points! In short, a nice extra for our loyal customers.

*You must be logged in to save Premium points and view your balance!

How do you earn Premium Points?

  • 1 Premium point on every euro spent
  • Receive 250 Premium points when you subscribe to our newsletter
  • 5th order = 500 Premium points bonus (€5,-)
  • 10th order = 1000 Premium points bonus (€10)
  • 25th order = 1500 Premium points bonus (€15,-)
  • 50th order = 2500 Premium points bonus (€25,-)
  • 500 Premium Points after referring a new customer
  • 50 Premium points for referring our fantastic store!
  • For some products you receive extra Premium points (currently not active)
  • And more....

For the current list and the current balance of your Premium points, look here in your customer account.

Use Premium Points

If you have saved a nice number of points with us, you can redeem them for free products or a discount on your purchase. On the shopping cart page you can redeem the amount of Premium points you want to use with your order. Use all your points to get a full discount, or save points for times when you can use them better! (Your Premium points remain valid for no less than 10 years.)

The benefits as a Premium Hookahs customer

So with every purchase you save Premium points for a nice discount, or to pay a lot less in the financially more difficult times. It is also useful to buy your products from us via your customer account. As a result, we know exactly how we can best help you as soon as there is a problem with one of your products. For example, consider a water pipe that no longer smokes well. Because you have bought the products from us, we can immediately see what could be the cause. Thanks to our years of experience with the same products, we can then use that knowledge to help you with problems. Even if your vase is broken, we can often deliver a new one quickly and easily, because we work with fixed reliable brands. Did you buy the bong from another store and your vase is broken? Then there is a good chance that we cannot help you further. We also guarantee 100% original products. Unfortunately, this is nowadays increasingly difficult to distinguish and many can be found on the market. We have been around for more than 15 years and guarantee the highest quality original products. So not only for saving Premium points, it is best to order all your hookah products at Premium-Hookahs on your own customer account.