Return policy & information

Exchange & Returns

We sell our products with the underlying idea to add extra quality and experience to smoking hookah! We carry this through to our customer service. For example, we use a money-back policy where the order can be returned within 31 days without giving a reason. With this extra long return period you have plenty of time to think about your choice. Please note that the product must then not have been put into use. These are hygiene products.

Sending something back is already annoying, so we want to make it extra easy for you by means of 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Register your return with us by email.

  • Do not forget to mention your order number.
  • Is something broken / damaged? Always send a clear photo!
  • Mention in the email subject: ''Return''
  • Register your return by emailing: or use our contact form.

Step 2. Print out the invoice and circle the items you have returned.

  • Pack everything carefully so that breakable parts are protected during transport!
  • Circle the item(s) you want to return.
  • Write down if you want to exchange the product, or return the value of the product in credits (Premium points in your customer account) or bank transfer.

Step 3. Bring the return to a local post office and ship it to our showroom

  • Ship it to:

    Name: Premium-Hookahs
    Street: Boomsluiterskade 2
    Postal Code: 2511VK
    City: Den Haag
    Country: Netherlands
  • The return costs are for the customer. You have to frank it that way that we will receive the order.
  • Always get a printed tracking code from the post office. And safe it!

Return conditions

  • No return products will be accepted that have been used.
  • New and unused products can be exchanged or refunded without any reason within 31 days of purchase. We don't bother about that! We will credit the amount within 14 days after registration of your return!
  • Products that are damaged during transport must be reported within 3 days of receipt by email or contact form..
  • All products, which you indicate more than 31 days after receipt of the product, will not be processed.
  • Send the product(s) within 14 days after registration of your return.
  • Products damaged by the user cannot be returned. We check this upon receipt.
  • For products that show a small defect or imperfection and of which you do not find it necessary to return, a voucher can be given if desired.
  • Do not return broken/damaged products without our permission. Please send us a photo for review first.
  • We will refund the amount to you within 14 days after registration of the return. Of course we must first have received the return. In the return portal you can see the status of your return.
  • Note: A return service must first be registered with us by email so that we can email you a return link. (See the steps above)
    If possible, state a reason for return. This helps us improve our products and service!

What should I do if the products arrived damaged?

We make a distinction between imperfections / damage / irregularities and real defects / defects. Read more below:

Handmade products

Because we sell handmade products, it sometimes happens that a product contains imperfections and irregularities.
JYou can rest assured that this imperfection will have no further influence on the quality of smoking. Premium-Hookahs is known for selling handmade hookah products, especially from Egypt, Turkey and other Eastern countries. Due to the manual work, a perfect, smooth finish is not present. In other words, it is quite normal to find welds, light wear and scratches on the rod or other marks that can be caused by bending metal.

We sell our handmade products with love but hope for understanding and acceptance from our customers. It is precisely the irregularities that distinguish the products made by artisans from the mass of products that come off the factory belt (mainly made in China).

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return the product to us free of charge. However, we will not send a replacement and advise you to choose machine-made products (MYA Saray, AMY, Oduman, Aladin, Starbuzz and other products with China or Germany as the country of origin). On our website you can select by brand and view the country of origin under ''extra information''. When sending a replacement copy, there is a good chance that there will also be an irregularity / slight damage, which again leads to disappointment. For that reason, we can only exchange your product for a machine-made product if desired.

Defective / broken products

Mail us your order number and photos of the damage within 2 days of delivery. Read here which photos we need to assess the damage. Do not return the product after we have assessed the damage.

A hookah is purely an instrument to transport the smoke. If you do not receive enough smoke or taste, this is almost never due to the hookah itself. Read through all relevant blogs for tips on preparing your shisha tobacco and hookah.

Where do I hand in my package?

When you register your return in the return portal, we will give you an overview of the closest delivery points. Choose the delivery point and hand in your package here!

What does return / exchange cost?

This depends per country.

What amount will I receive a refund?

When returning the entire order: The entire purchase price incl. shipping costs.
When returning part of the order: The purchase amount of the return products excluding shipping costs.

How long will it take before I get my money back?

The payment by our payment provider takes place via the same payment method and takes place within 14 days after registration of your return!