Shipment & Delivery

At Premium-Hookahs we try to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Our team therefore works hard every day and evening to process all orders as quickly as possible. All our delivery times include processing and are valid for working days and Saturdays. All orders are fulfilled via a hub that offers a fast delivery in every region of Europe. This is our power and therefore you dont need to worry about the speed of your order. Your order will be delivered in 3 working days in all regions of Europe. We actually try to fulfill most of the orders within 48 hours (during working days)! But in all cases, please be patient and follow the tracking link for the exact delivery date and time.

Premium-Hookahs is the fastest hookah store in Europe. Handy if you quickly want to have your coals at home for the weekend, or if you forgot to buy a nice and unique gift for your friend, for example! Premium-Hookahs is always there for you and in addition to our super fast delivery service, we also have a number of other options for you in our checkout.

What are the shipping costs to my country?

This differs per country. Just fill your shopping cart and go to the checkout where you can calculate the shipment price after filling in your adress and country.

Is there free delivery inside Europe?

Yes all orders of €99,- or more, your order will always be delivered free of charge!

Are orders also delivered on Saturdays?

This depends on your local post delivery service. Mostly yes.

What if my order has not been delivered after 48 hours?

Orders placed inside Europe (especially near the Netherlands) before 22:00 will be delivered within 48 hours. In exceptional cases, an order may arrive one or two days later. This could be due to a sort error. If you have not received your order after 3 working days, please contact us by email ( Orders that are placed outside the European Union, can take longer then 48 hours. The delivery time outside Europe is between 7-14 working dys. Please keep a good eye on your tracking code!

Not at home and adjust the delivery time & missed packages

In those cases, please inmediately check the tracking code. Also check with your mailbox, and with your neighbours. To prevent a very long proces of packages that are returning to us, its recommended to keep a good track of your tracking code. Also you can take contact with the local post delivery service (same as the tracking code refers to). This is the fastest option and can prevent orders from returning to us.

Track & Trace

As soon as your order has been processed and packed, each package will receive a Track & Trace code from us. Please note, this does not apply to COD shipments and shipments that fit through the letterbox. This code will be emailed to you, and with it you can easily trace your package.

Why have I not received a Track & Trace email?

As soon as we have sent the order (we send the orders every working day before 22:00), you will automatically receive an e-mail from us with a Track & Trace. If you have not received an email from us, it may have ended up in your ''Spam'' folder, or you may have placed the order as a guest.

What should I do if I have not received my package?

It is possible that we have accidentally failed to deliver your package within the stated delivery time. In that case, follow these steps:

  • Wait one more day. Maybe your package is just a little late.
  • Use the Track & Trace code in your confirmation email to see where your package should be. It is possible that the delivery has been postponed.
  • Should it be concerned? Check whether you have entered your address details correctly.
  • Are your address details entered correctly? Then check whether there is a not-home message from PostNL in your letterbox. The package may then be delivered to the neighbors or will be offered to you again at a later time.
  • Still no success? Please contact the customer service of the local post office as mentioned in the tracking email.
  • Still no success? Take contact with our support.

The package remains on pre-notified

If a shipment and your tracking code remain on pre-notified, it seems as if the package has not yet been delivered by us, but in most cases this is not the case. PostNL only scans the packages during processing in the sorting center. This means that if we give the roll containers with packages to the PostNL driver, the packages have not yet received their first scan. If it is too busy in the nearest PostNL distribution center, the issued roll containers may be stored for a day before they are processed. PostNL has therefore recently adjusted the text of a pre-notified package. This is now: Parcel has not yet been received or processed by PostNL .''.
Wait an extra day after which the pre-notified status will change and the tracking will be visible. We make every effort to get the parcels delivered on time, but it can sometimes happen (especially during holidays and busy periods) that parcels experience delays in these sorting centers. We therefore hope for your understanding.

Damage during delivery?

Mail us your order number and photos of the damage immediately. Read here which photos we need to assess the damage. Do not return the product after we have assessed the damage.

We need these photos for all damage shipments outside the Netherlands:

  • A photo of the entire outside of the package.
  • A photo of the opened package.
  • A photo of all types of inner packaging.
  • A photo of the entire damaged item.
  • A detail photo of the concrete damage.
  • A photo of the shipping label on the packaging.

I dont see my country listed as an shipment option, what to do?

This means that we have not yet listed your country as an option to ship to. Mostly because of the high shipping costs. On request we can make an exception for you. Just email us with your request to: or text us by whatsapp via 0031658801221 for a quick respond.

What are the shipping rates for order outside the European Union?

We ship to almost all countrys all over the world. The rates are based on the weight of the order and will be calculated automatically in the checkout after filling in your adres details. If you want to save on shipping costs, we highly recommend you to avoid heavy weight products such as charcoal!

Country restrictions and local laws

Premium-Hookahs works under dutch national law and is not responsible for any bought item after it leaves our country. Please make sure that the products you buy are legal in your country. We are not responsible for any confiscation or restrictions by the customs in your country. Also are we not responsible for the paid shipping costs that will be used to ship any non legal product to your country. These shipping costs and products will not be refunded by us.

What happens if my package got returned when i did not pick it up or missed the delivery?

Shippings that came in return to us because of a wrong filled adres or not picking up the order from a post office, will not be resended freely. The complete shipping costs for resending the package will be charged and need to be paid before we will ship it again. So please pay good attention to your tracking code!