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  1. Tips to improve your hookah set up

    Yes.. each Hookah has a rod, base, Hookah hose and a bowl . Yet there are many different products that make a Hookah smoke lighter or heavier. For example, a different hose or bowl can already make a huge difference.

    oduman n2 waterpijp

    Hookahs such as those from Oduman, for example, have built-in wide rods that ensure better air flow. This in combination with a silicone hose gives you the feeling that smoking Hookah is as easy as breathing. The Turkish El Nefes Hookah, on the other hand, is known for its heavy lifting because the diameter of the shafts is very small. This brand uses narrow rods, which means that you have to lift harder. The airflow is therefore much more concentrated, which makes the taste experience more powerful!

    You can purchase the following products if you want to lift lighter:

      You can purchase the following products if you want to lift heavier:

      Get more smoke

      oduman ignis 

      Lifting lighter or heavier has no direct influence on the amount of smoke you get. The amount of smoke is determined by the amount of water, the diameter of the hose and how the flavour is heated. To be able to smoke longer, you can purchase an Oduman Ignis Heat Management Tool.

      The advantages of this are:

      • No ash in your bowl

      • Safe smoking without the chance of coals falling on carpet or laminate
      • Gradual heating of your taste
      • Smoking longer
      • Save on coal

      There are many opinions and many of these are based on personal preference and experience. One cuts his flavour, the other squeezes it and this gives more smoke, flavour and a longer burn time. The simplest and most practical way is to use steam stones or not to overfill your bowl and prepare it loosely and not pressed.

      The following things can also help:

      • Separate the flavour first

      • Remove any twigs from the flavour
      • Mix your flavours with another flavour
      • Use steam stones (e.g. Mola Mix, Hookah Cream, Squeeze etc.)

      At the end of the day, the choice of how to prepare your Hookah depends entirely on your personal preference. Whether you like light or heavy lifting, the most important thing is that you enjoy your set up and Hookah session.

      Did you know that steam stones contain no nicotine or tar? Use them for more smoke!

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    • How does a hookah work? You can read that here!


      A hookah is a device for smoking hookah tobacco. The Hookah has several names such as hookah, nargileh, ghaliyan, shisha etc. This started as a tradition in the Middle East and is now mainly done in restaurants and cafes that are usually called shisha lounges.


      The Hookah consists of 4 parts:

      The hookah flavour is done in the bowl. These are made of sand, plaster, glass or silicone. There are different types of bowls such as the Vortex, Phunnel bowl, Chimney bowl, Harmony and more. A tool is placed on the bowl that separates the heat between the natural coal and the Hookah flavour, often foil or, for example, the Oduman Ignis are chosen.

      waterpijp werking 

      The hookah flavour goes into the bowl with flavours for everyone, with mainly traditional fruit flavours but also flavours such as coffee and cola and vanilla are possible. The hookah flavour comes in different forms such as tobacco, powder, jelly, stones and liquid. The possibilities with the tobacco flavour are very diverse because of the different types you can also mix it to enhance the taste. Within hookah flavour you have 2 categories:

      Shisha Flavours

      Herbal tobacco is the nicotine and tar free variant of Hookah tobacco and is increasingly emerging. Because these are nicotine and tar free, they can be sold to young people and they can also be smoked within the non-smoking zones. A few of these are the Aladin Big Ice Rockz, Aladin Hookah Squeeze, Shaashii powder, Mola mix, OM Steam Stones and Shiazo stones.

      Hookah Flavours

      The most common natural hookah flavour contains nicotine and tar and these should not be sold to young people. A few of these are Al Fakher, Nakhla and Al Waha. Real tobacco is preferred to be smoked to maintain the traditional and, according to some, more flavour is released in this way. 

      al fakher smaken

      The water has to be filled in the Hookah base and the metal shaft of the body is just slightly under water in the base, about 2 cm. Do not under water too much otherwise you will get water in your hose, with too little water there is no good airflow. The Hookah hose goes into the stem and there are different types of Hookah hoses and they also have different materials. There are washable and non-washable hoses. Cleaning your hookah hose with the correct cleaning items is important because some hoses are not cleaned thoroughly and some hoses cannot even be cleaned. When cleaning a non-washable hose, pieces of metal end up in the hose, which are then sucked up, so we recommend using non-washable hoses for your favorited hookah flavour. The different materials used for a hose include silicone, rubber, vinyl, acrylic plastic and several materials.

      waterpijp stang schoonmaken 


      The operation of the Hookah is as follows:

      The bowl is placed on the body of the shisha, then the whole is placed on the base and to make it watertight, a rubber is used for the base, bowl and hose. The hose goes into the opening. Foil or a heating tool is used over the bowl to head the foil and flavour in the bowl. The heated coals are placed on this which produces the heat that warms the tobacco and this then passes through the rod to the water in the base. The water has to be filled in the Hookah base and the metal shaft of the body is just slightly under water in the base, about 2 cm. Do not under water too much otherwise you will get water in your hose, with too little water there is no good airflow. By hoisting the hose, the water vapor that hangs in the base is sucked into the hose by suction and this is the final smoke that is blown out.

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    • The beauty of Traditional Handmade Hookahs

      You are planning to purchase a traditional, handmade Egyptian or Turkish Hookah from the Farida, El Nefes or ATH brand. Before you buy one of these beautiful, handmade Egyptian / Turkish Hookahs from one of the most renowned Hookah makers in the world, we would like to tell you a few things to feed your expectations and teach you what an authentic handmade Hookah is all about. here

      traditional hand made el nefes hookah

      Over the years, the popularity of mass-produced Chinese hookahs has put pressure on traditional hookah craftsmanship, of handcrafting hookahs that are crafted with blood, sweat and tears by dedicated artisans. It is very easy to forget what goes into making an authentic Hookah when in recent years computer generated designs, CNC cutting and cookie molds have become the standard for Hookah quality.

      We would therefore like to tell you a bit about handmade Egyptian /

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    • El Nefes

      Meet these traditional Ottoman style Hookahs. El Nefes Hookahs are handmade under the highest quality standards and are known worldwide as one of the best quality Hookahs available. These originally have been made by hand from copper for centuries in the same way. These extra heavy durable Hookahs feature highly detailed patterns and etchings and are highly sought after by collectors. Turkish Hookahs are very scarce and are known for a soft but smooth airflow.

      Specialists and experienced Hookah smokers agree that the El Nefes Hookah undoubtedly belongs to the top segment in the Hookah market. As a professional supplier of the best quality Hookahs, it goes without saying that the El Nefes Hookahs absolutely belong in our range.

      Turkish Hookahs, unlike Chinese Hookahs, have never been further developed into a mass product. As a result, the method in which these Hookahs are made remains traditional in nature and a high-quality end product is delivered at all times. All El Nefes Hookahs are equipped with a bohemian crystal base. These bases are extra heavy and durable. The hose of a Turkish Hookah is often coarse and is characterized by a gigantic long handle so that you can smoke Hookah in a relaxed way. The Turkish hookah hose has the longest handle compared to other hookah hoses worldwide.

      el nefes shisha

      El Nefes Hookahs are the most popular and best quality shisha pipes from Turkey and are made of the heaviest material available. Compared to Chinese and even Egyptian Hookahs, Turkish Hookahs are heavier and the rod is more durable. The rod is completely cast from solid copper.

      el nefes waterpijp stang

      Because the entire rod and the bowl are made of solid copper, it is important that you maintain it well from time to time. Use Brasso copper polish for this. Coat your Hookah with copper polish, let it soak in for a few minutes and then polish the Hookah until it shines like never before! In addition to being the exclusive Khalil Mamoon and Farida dealer, Premium-Hookahs is now also the exclusive supplier of original EL Nefes shishas!

       Would you like to try an El Nefes Hookah?

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    • Prepare Hookah in 5 steps!

      Buying a Hookah doesn't make much sense without knowing how to use it. Premium-Hookahs explains how to do this in a few steps, including excellent tips on lighting the shisha. Watch this video, or read our manual, and smoke with your new Hookah in no time!

      The different parts of a Hookah:

      • Rod - The most important part of a Hookah. The quality of this affects all factors.
      • Base - Filled with water to cool the smoke.
      • Hookah Bowl - This is where the shisha tobacco is placed.
      • Hose - There are washable and non-washable hoses. If you regularly change flavors, it is better to opt for a washable hose. A good Hookah hose with a large diameter promotes a smooth airflow and therefore also benefits the smoking pleasure.
      • Coal tongs - To place glowing coals on the foil. Use a sturdy coal tongs to protect your carpet (a glowing coal burns through everything!)
      • Rubbers - A total of three sealing rubbers for airtight connection
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    • Farida Hookahs

      Exclusive to Premium-Hookahs: The 'top of the line' Egyptian Farida hookahs! Farida is the Arabic word for 'unique'. Unique is therefore exactly the right term to describe these exclusive, top-quality Hookahs!

      waterpijp roker

      Background and production method of Farida

      Farida hookahs, like those of Khalil Mamoon, are handmade in Egypt in a traditional artisanal way. This applies to the material used for the rod as well as to the glass of the base. Each Farida hookah has a unique design and consists entirely of solid brass. The exclusive designs and graceful patterns are the result of precise processing by Egyptian craftsmen, and are at the forefront of the hookah industry. To stay in the upper echelons, Farida works with experienced professionals who regularly push the boundaries in the hookah field.

      Materials such as copper, brass and bronze are used, while the company uses the most modern engraving and calligraphy techniques for the finishing. Farida was founded around 2006 by Randa Ahmed. Living in England at the time and with a passion for hand-decorated glassware, she returned to Egypt to bring a high quality hookah to the market. Ahmed has gathered a large number of Egyptian professionalswho specialize in glass production, painting and engraving techniques, gold decoration and the manufacture of hookah Hookah hose. Thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship that this team delivers, a Farida Hookah is special and unique down to the smallest details.

      farida waterpijp

      Difference between Farida and Khalil Mamoon

      Although both brands originate from Egypt and the workshops are still located there, a distinction can indeed be made between a Farida and a Khalil Mamoon shisha. The smoking experience is of a comparable level, so that the differences are mainly in the finish and design. The first thing to notice, however, is that a Farida hookah is a lot heavier. In contrast to a Khalil Mamoon, these shishas are made of solid copper. The construction of a Farida Hookah is therefore very strong and is characterized by great durability. The high quality that is so typical for Farida is also reflected in the finish, because all joints are welded together in the traditional way and then carefully polished. The design of a Farida Hookah also shows more Syrian influences.

      Due to the solid construction and high-quality finish, is slighly more expensive a Hookah from Farida than for a shisha from Khalil Mamoon. On the other hand, a Farida not only has great aesthetic value, because shishas from this brand also smoke very smoothly and hoist effortlessly. These professional hookahs guarantee many years of fun and enjoyment as an enthusiastic smoker of Hookah!

      How do you recognize a real Farida?

      The success and beautiful designs of Farida have not gone unnoticed in the shisha world. Under the influence of the brand, new trends emerged and hookahs with similar designs and decorations were launched. Besides the weight and the careful finish, there are two more details that can determine the authenticity of a Farida water pipe. An authentic Farida can be recognized in the first place by the engraved logo on the top of the water pipe. In addition, the vase also has a print of the Farida logo

      Popular shishas from Farida

      Farida owner Randa Ahmed often designs Hookahs with new decorations on the base or on the road. And of course Premium Hookahs regularly add recently released Farida Hookahs to the range. Despite the wide range, some models never lose popularity and find their way again and again to satisfied Hookah smokers. Farida's best-selling shishas are: 

      Farida Hookahs are always supplied by Premium-Hookahs with a fully washable Farida hose and an Egyptian hand-blown crystal-clear Farida vase with decorative black stripes. Premium-Hookahs is the exclusive Farida dealer for the Netherlands and we are proud to be the only one in the Netherlands to be able to sell this new series of 'State of the Art' Hookahs. Farida's products are only available at Premium-Hookahs and are imported directly from Egypt by us. For more information about hookahs from this brand, you can visit the official Farida website.

      Did you know that Farida has solid copper shafts and will give you a better Flavour experience?

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    • Quick Light vs Natural Hookah Charcoal

      For some Hookah smokers this is an easy question, but the answer is not so simple for the starting Hookah smoker and also very dependent on your personal Flavour. There are several things to take into account when making your choice, such as whether you prefer a fast or slow burning coal, how easy you want to make it for yourself, whether or not chemicals are present in coals, how long the coal continues to burn etc.

      waterpijp tabakskop

      *Just for clarification, the term quick lights are also used for easy light coals. We use different terms interchangeably on the site, but we always mean the 'rapidly flaming coals'. The most common argument from experienced hookah smokers for choosing natural charcoal over QLs (quick lights) is that natural charcoal does not contain any chemicals. This is true, although this should not be a reason to immediately write off fast-flaming coals. Although Quick light coals contain chemical substances, if you let them ignite properly before you put them on the tobacco bowl, you will have little or no problems with that. Choosing quick-flame coals just because they are ready for use faster is also not a good argument. Natural coals do indeed need more time to become red hot, but the advantage is that they also burn much longer. Furthermore, it is said that QLs give a strange after Flavour to your smoke, and that can sometimes be the case. 

      Depends on what brand of charcoal is used. Some easylightkool brands are simply of lesser quality. And if the coal is still crackling when you place it on the aluminium foil, it's natural to get a nasty chemical Flavour to your smoke. Another thing to watch out for is that the coal doesn't shed too much ash. Especially with quick light coals, it often happens that the coal drops ash from the burning core. This allows it to be easily sucked into the Hookah Bowl, which in turn creates a foul, cabbage-like Flavour. This can also occur with cheap natural coal, but in general this type of coal will not just ash. With some brands of coal, such as Belgian Charcoal, the ash has a good sticking resistance, both with quick light coal and with natural coal.

      Natural Charcoal

      The disadvantage of most natural coals is that they give off less heat than the quick lights. As a result, you have to use more of it, whereby you can assume two or three natural coals per tobacco head. The fact that not enough heat is generated also occurs with the electric coal. For that reason, this can more or less be regarded as a flop, although the problem is considerably greater compared to natural cabbages. In fact, the potentially healthier electric charcoal gives off so little heat that it is almost impossible to smoke a hookah correctly. And once you get going, the experience is that the coal constantly heats your tobacco instead of just when you inhale. The logical consequence of this is a smoking session that lasts a lot shorter. 

      Natural Charcoal


      • Longer burn time
      • Do not contain any chemicals
      • Lots of different types
      • Give off very little ash


      • Takes a long time to light
      • You must place several coals on the Hookah Bowl

      gasfornuis natuurkolen

      Quick Light Charcoal


      • Easy to light

      • Very suitable for short smoking sessions
      • Perfectly tailored 
      • Give off a lot of heat


      • Give off fast and a lot of ash

      • Short burning time
      • Contain chemicals
      • Cheap QLs can suddenly fall apart

      In the end, it does not matter much what type of charcoal you use, as long as you choose a good quality brand and use the charcoal correctly. There is therefore a suitable coal available for every situation and every type of smoker. 

      Tips for Quick Light Charcoal

      You can use different heat sources to create natural and quick light charcoal. As mentioned, QLs take less time to ignite. You therefore only have to hold them briefly in or above a flame of a gas stove or torch-flame lighter. A normal gas lighter also works. When the coal no longer makes a crackling sound and has a red glow or white ash layer, you can place it on the foil on top of your tobacco head and your smoking session can begin. Make sure you don't put the coal on it when it's still black!

      Natural coals require a longer heating time before they ignite, but on the other hand they burn up to three times longer than quick lights. To stimulate a smoother ignition, a charcoal Heathers offers a solution. After you have switched on the hob, placed the necessary coals on it and set the device to position five, the natural coals will be red hot after about six minutes. That's the time to move them to the aluminium foil applied over the tobacco head of your hookah. However, always use coal tongs with a coal carrier for both natural and quick light coals. This is very safe in connection with the risk of scorching and fire, and of course tongs are also the only correct way to move the embers.

      Advantages and disadvantages of the various Tom Cococha cabbages

      Premium-Hookahs has natural and quick light coals of various brands in stock. For example, we are the official dealer of Tom Cococha cabbages. This is one of the few brands with several types of natural charcoal in its range, namely Premium Gold, C26. The difference is apparent in the quality, possible applications and burning time, among other things.

      tom cococha formaten 

      The best type of Tom Cococha is Premium Gold, with the following benefits:

      • Burning time of two to three hours per coal
      • Give only 3% as
      • Available in value pack

      What kind of coals do you use for your hookah and why?

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    • Hookah stones

      Hookah stones are an alternative and innovative way to smoke your Hookah. They are made of special, fairly porous pebbles with a mineral complex that is able to absorb liquids. This feature makes it possible to smoke hookah stones - or steam stones - instead of shisha tobacco. Hookah stones therefore do not contain tar, nicotine or tobacco. With a grain size between 5 and 9 millimetres, they are suitable for every Hookah, and for tobacco heads in all common designs.

      shisha steam stones


      Steam stones provide a Flavourful, smooth and long-lasting smoking experience. In terms of enjoyment and relaxation, it is a good alternative to traditional shisha tobacco. The smoke that comes from the stones is in fact not smoke but vapour. Hence the nickname 'vapor stones'. This makes the various Hookah stones a less harmful alternative to Hookah tobacco. In addition, unlike tobacco, these types of stones cannot burn, so you will never get a bad Flavour. Some Hookah smokers therefore also use the stones as an extra (top) layer on their normal Hookah tobacco.

      Higher temperature required for steam stones

      When the steam stones in the tobacco

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    • Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

      Khalil Mamoon hookahs are known all over the world as some of the best quality hookahs on the market. Durability, traditional production method and good smoke development are characteristic of the Egyptian Khalil Mamoon Hookah.

      khalil mamoon waterpijpen

      Characteristics of a Khalil Mamoon

      The shishas of this brand are especially popular because of the smoking pleasure they offer the smoker. This is due to the well-matched parts and the finish of the inner shafts. The extra wide air pipe ensures that the smoke development is optimal. The shisha hoses are also characterized by a wider diameter, which makes the airflow and smoking experience the better among the hookahs. In addition, this Shisha, just like the shaft, will never rust. All Khalil Mamoon hookahs are hand made by Egyptian craftsmen. This also means that all connections are welded manually, so that each shisha is airtight.

      Because the Hookaks are handmade, a Khalil Mamoon differs significantly from the modern Chinese hookahs. These are produced by machine, so that every copy looks the same. Khalil Mamoon's shishas, on the other hand, show small differences and are therefore all unique. These differences arise not only because the assembly is done manually, but also

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    • Extra smooth and icey hookah with Space Smoke Black Hole!

      More smooth hookah and shisha sessions with Space Smoke Black Hole! 

      If you have smoked hookah before, you will probably recognize it: sometimes a sharp taste is released when smoking shisha. Sometimes this gives you a headache or a sore throat. A shame, because of course you want to be able to enjoy your hookah session from start to finish. With Space Smoke it is different, you can avoid the pungent taste, sore throat and headache. You can find out how to do that in this blog.

      space smoke black hole

      Use Space Smoke's Black Hole enhancer for an intense cooled flavor

      Space Smoke has different lines with various flavors of high quality pasta, but also the Black Hole amplifier. The Black Hole line is made of tobacco paste, directly from the extraction of the tobacco leaves and made on a mineral basis. The amplifier has no taste and smell, so you can use it perfectly to highlight the strength of your chosen flavor. By using Black Hole you can increase the strength and coolness of your hookah. Also you can mix Black Hole with every type of flavour and even with tobacco such as Adalya or Al Fakher. Lounging at home is therefore extra relaxed, because you can completely adjust your experience to your liking.

      How do you use Space Smoke Black Hole?

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