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  1. Double Apple and Apple Mint Shishas: Unleashing the Ultimate Flavour Experience for Traditional Hookah Smokers!

    Double Apple and Apple Mint Shishas: Unleashing the Ultimate Flavour Experience for Traditional Hookah Smokers!

    Ah, the world of hookah smoking. A fascinating and ever-evolving landscape of flavours and aromas. And if you're just dipping your toes into this wonderful world, you've probably already heard whispers of the legendary Double Apple and Apple Mint flavours.

    These two flavours are not just your run-of-the-mill blends; they are the darlings of traditional hookah smokers and Arabic populations alike. The reason for their immense popularity lies in their exquisite taste and their ability to transport you to a world of wonder with every puff.
    Double Apple boasts a sweet yet tangy flavor profile that tantalizes the senses and leaves you wanting more. Meanwhile, Apple Mint is a refreshing and invigorating blend that cools you down on a hot summer's day. But what makes these flavours so unique and irresistible? Let's dive inside of this amazing tastes!


    Double Apple

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  2. Handmade Artistry: Antique Hookahs and Shisha Accessories

    Handmade Artistry: Antique Hookahs and Shisha Accessories

    Hookah smoking has been enjoyed for centuries and has evolved into an art form that is revered by enthusiasts around the world. Owning an original artistic hookah or handmade artigian product is more than just a reflection of one's appreciation for beauty, craftsmanship, and history – it's a statement of individuality and style.

    (Handmade crystal base manufacturing)

    Each handmade hookah is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted with precision and care. Artistic hookahs are often adorned with rare materials such as gold and crystal, elevating them to a level of luxury that is unparalleled. These hookahs are a testament to the visionary creativity of skilled artisans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting the art of hookah-making. They can take an average time production of 2-3 weeks working on a single hookah and accesories, carefully shaping and crafting every component by hand.


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  3. Tax-Free Premium Hookahs: The Ultimate Den Haag Tourist Experience!

    Tax-Free Premium Hookahs: The Ultimate Den Haag Tourist Experience!

    Den Haag, also known as The Hague, is a city that truly has it all. From its stunning architecture and rich history to its bustling cultural scene, there's something for everyone here. But there's one unique experience that many visitors overlook: indulging in tax-free shopping with premium-hookahs. Come to shop tax-free in our store with our exclusive range of hookahs and accessories in Den Haag.

    Our company offers the very best hookah products world wide, including luxury and tax-free hookah products, to give you an exotic smoking experience like no other. We're proud to be a part of the Dutch tourism shopping scene, providing tax-free shopping for tourists who want to take home a memento of their trip. And with our VAT refund for tourists, you can shop with confidence knowing you're getting the best value for your money.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Expert advice and recommendations tailored to your individual needs.
    • Easy payment options, including cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Klarna, and even cash.
    • Guarantee of quality with our tax-free hookahs and accessories.
    • Online showroom always open for your convenience.
    • Exceptional customer service from our multilingual team of experts who can assist you in English, Dutch, and Spanish

    How to save money in your buys traveling in Holland?

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  4. Experience the Latest Trend: Smoking a Hookah!


    Although originating in ancient India, it is only in recent years that the hookah has become popular in Europe and the United States.

    The hookah is another way to smoke tobacco or flavor stones. The flavor is heated with the help of charcoal, which prevents it from burning but only heats it. The smoke is drawn through a hose and partially filtered by the water.

    The hookah has a dubious reputation, often associated with the use of illicit substances. While there are some who do indeed use it for this purpose, the majority of users smoke tobacco with flavors. These flavors can range from all types of fruits to coffee and soft drinks. There are over hundreds of different flavors and more than 15 different brands, each with its own line of tobacco flavors. And the variety keeps on growing!

    The Hookah as a Social Companion

    The hookah is a social medium. It's all about getting together with friends, family, and acquaintances, sipping on drinks, and enjoying a hookah. There's no specific group of people that smoke hookah. Young or old, male or female, it doesn't matter. Unlike smoking a cigarette (which only lasts about 5 minutes and needs to be squeezed in somewhere), a hookah session is meant to take your time and relax. Smoking hookah is synonymous with unwinding. One session can last anywhere from half an hour to a maximum of two hours.


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  5. Ready to become a hookah connoisseur? Look no further than our Hookah Dictionary - your ultimate guide to mastering the language of hookahs and shishas!

    shisha_terminologyGet ready to dive into the world of hookahs and shishas with our ultimate Hookah Dictionary! From Auto-Seal to Vortex bowl, we've got you covered with all the shisha terminology you need to know. With new inventions and abbreviations popping up all the time, the hookah world can be a jungle to navigate. But fear not, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly used words and phrases to guide you through it all!

    Auto Seal
    A system that is usually used with water pipes with multiple hoses. The system works with an iron ball. This ball closes the other hose ports when the first hose is sucked. This way you ensure that the water pipe remains vacuum.

    Often used as a term to indicate an unknown amount of tobacco. Batch means, as it were, a ''lump'' or amount of tobacco. So for example ''This batch of apple tobacco tasted really bad''.

    Brass is the English word for brass and is recognizable by its golden yellow color. It is also called yellow copper. It is known to interior builders and is widely used in classic interior designs. Brass is often seen in restaurants and as decorative fittings on cabinets, doors and chests for a classic look. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. This makes it extra resistant to corrosion.

    Unwashed tobacco often gives a strong ''buzz''. It means that is tobacco that is not washed before it enters the shisha production process. As a result, an extra amount of nicotine remains on the tobacco, which causes the buzz.

    This refers to the lower part of the shaft. The part that is in

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  6. Have you ever wondered about the exotic world of hookahs or shishas?

    Have you ever wondered about the exotic world of hookahs or shishas?

    At Premium Hookahs, we often receive inquiries about what a hookah is, what it contains, and how it is used. The hookah is a device that goes by many names, such as shisha, nargileh (narghile), or ghaliyan, originating from various parts of the world. In this blog, we'll dive into the fascinating world of hookah smoking, explaining what it is and how it works. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to select from our extensive range of top-quality hookahs, as well as related accessories like hoses, coals, and hookah bowls.

    The hookah has a long and storied history

    Portrait, Man, Man Smoking Hookah, Man Smoking, Kashmir

    The history of the hookah can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Persia and India, where smoking flavored tobacco through water pipes was a common practice among the nobility. In fact, the word "hookah" is believed to have originated from the Persian word "huqqa," which means "coconut shell" in reference to the first type of bowl used to smoke tobacco.

    During the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722) in Persia, hookah smoking became an integral part of the courtly culture, and it was often enjoyed by intellectuals and poets who gathered around the hookah to engage in philosophical discussions and artistic pursuits. As the hookah spread eastward to India, it also became a popular social activity among the aristocracy, who would gather in opulent hookah lounges known

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  7. Hire belly dancers for your party or event? That is also possible at Premium-Hookahs!

    Hire belly dancers for your party or event? That is also possible at Premium-Hookahs!

    Do you want to make your party complete and do you want to hire a belly dancer or perhaps several belly dancers? You can do that via Premium-Hookahs! We have a partnership with the most talented, experienced and professional belly dancers who would like to dance at your party or event. How nice would it be to be able to enjoy the real Arabian atmosphere during your 1001 nights theme party and watch their beautiful, traditional dance? In this blog you can read all the information about hiring a belly dancer or belly dancers via Premium-Hookahs.

    Hire belly dancers at Premium-Hookahs

    As mentioned before, we have a good partnership with several talented belly dancers who can be hired by you to perform beautiful Arabic, traditional dances at your party or event. Are you planning a 1001 nights staff party or a fun event with a similar theme? Then of course you can only really complete this with a professional belly dancer! Do you want to hire several belly dancers at the same time? That is also possible. Our belly dancers have enough experience to take the entertainment at your party to a higher level. You can always contact us by phone, email or via our contact form. We are always ready to discuss all the possibilities with you in order to make your theme party a party to remember! Click here to go directly to our contact page.

    Belly dancer for your henna party

    A henna party is already a very festive affair prior to the big day, your wedding! To make this even more unforgettable, you can choose to hire one or more belly dancers to dance at your henna party. Be sure that no one will forget your henna party and it will be fun for the photos! A belly dancer can perform a wonderful show for you and your guests. Do you want to celebrate a henna party

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  8. Want to experience the real lounge experience? Discover the experience beyond the smoke!

    smoke experience

    Experiencing the real lounge experience is more than just putting a Hookah on the table and simply smoking. Do you really want to lounge luxuriously and create the most cozy atmosphere, wherever and whenever? Then you've come to the right place! Premium-Hookahs stands for quality and the most extensive range of Hookahs, accessories and flavours. We also have a great experience category where you can discover the most delicious flavors of tea and chai, but also delicious snacks and drinks to take your lounge experience to a higher level. We would like to offer you the ultimate lounge experience so that you can experience the most pleasant and atmospheric evenings that will be unforgettable for you and your friends and family! Do you want to know more about the experience beyond the smoke? Then read on quickly!

    The real lounge experience

    The experience beyond the smoke. That's what Premium-Hookahs stands for. That means that we have more to offer than just hookahs! In addition to our extensive range of hookahs and accessories in all styles, shapes and sizes, we also offer delicious types of tea and chai, tasty snacks and various drinks to make your lounge experience more complete than complete. You can find these fantastic products in our experience category. We have a passion for the ultimate lounge experience and you will notice it! With us you can always and only expect the very best advice and explanation about all our products and we are therefore always ready to answer all your questions and we do it with a lot of love. In our eyes, hookah smoking is much more than just smoking a nice taste

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  9. Tips to improve your hookah set up

    Yes.. each Hookah has a rod, base, Hookah hose and a bowl . Yet there are many different products that make a Hookah smoke lighter or heavier. For example, a different hose or bowl can already make a huge difference.

    oduman n2 waterpijp

    Hookahs such as those from Oduman, for example, have built-in wide rods that ensure better air flow. This in combination with a silicone hose gives you the feeling that smoking Hookah is as easy as breathing. The Turkish El Nefes Hookah, on the other hand, is known for its heavy lifting because the diameter of the shafts is very small. This brand uses narrow rods, which means that you have to lift harder. The airflow is therefore much more concentrated, which makes the taste experience more powerful!

    You can purchase the following products if you want to lift lighter:

      You can purchase the following products if you want to lift heavier:

      Get more smoke

      oduman ignis 

      Lifting lighter or heavier has no direct influence on the amount of smoke you get. The amount of smoke is determined by the amount of water, the diameter of the hose and how the flavour is heated. To be able to smoke longer, you can purchase an Oduman Ignis Heat Management Tool.

      The advantages of this are:

      • No ash in your bowl

      • Safe smoking without the chance of coals falling on carpet or laminate
      • Gradual heating of your taste
      • Smoking longer
      • Save on coal

      There are many opinions and many of these are based on personal preference and experience. One cuts his flavour, the other squeezes it and this gives more smoke, flavour and a longer burn time. The simplest and most practical way is to use steam stones or not to overfill your bowl and prepare it loosely and not pressed.

      The following things can also help:

      • Separate the flavour first

      • Remove any twigs from the flavour
      • Mix your flavours with another flavour
      • Use steam stones (e.g. Mola Mix, Hookah Cream, Squeeze etc.)

      At the end of the day, the choice of how to prepare your Hookah depends entirely on your personal preference. Whether you like light or heavy lifting, the most important thing is that you enjoy your set up and Hookah session.

      Did you know that steam stones contain no nicotine or tar? Use them for more smoke!


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    • How does a hookah work? You can read that here!


      A hookah is a device for smoking hookah tobacco. The Hookah has several names such as hookah, nargileh, ghaliyan, shisha etc. This started as a tradition in the Middle East and is now mainly done in restaurants and cafes that are usually called shisha lounges.


      The Hookah consists of 4 parts:

      The hookah flavour is done in the bowl. These are made of sand, plaster, glass or silicone. There are different types of bowls such as the Vortex, Phunnel bowl, Chimney bowl, Harmony and more. A tool is placed on the bowl that separates the heat between the natural coal and the Hookah flavour, often foil or, for example, the Oduman Ignis are chosen.

      waterpijp werking 

      The hookah flavour goes into the bowl with flavours for everyone, with mainly traditional fruit flavours but also flavours such as coffee and cola and vanilla are possible. The hookah flavour comes in different forms such as tobacco, powder, jelly, stones and liquid. The possibilities with the tobacco flavour are very diverse because of the different types you can also mix it to enhance the taste. Within hookah flavour you have 2 categories:

      Shisha Flavours

      Herbal tobacco is the nicotine and tar free variant of Hookah tobacco and is increasingly emerging. Because these are nicotine and tar free, they can be sold to young people and they can also be smoked within the non-smoking zones. A few of these are the Aladin Big Ice Rockz, Aladin Hookah Squeeze, Shaashii powder, Mola mix, OM Steam Stones and Shiazo stones.

      Hookah Flavours

      The most common natural hookah flavour contains nicotine and tar and these should not be sold to young people. A few of these are Al Fakher, Nakhla and Al Waha. Real tobacco is preferred to be smoked to maintain the traditional and, according to some, more flavour is released in this way. 

      The water has to be filled in the Hookah base and the metal shaft of the body is just slightly under water in the base, about 2 cm. Do not under water too much otherwise you will get water in your hose, with too little water there is no good airflow. The Hookah hose goes into the stem and there are different types of Hookah hoses and they also have different materials. There are washable and non-washable hoses. Cleaning your hookah hose with the correct cleaning items is important because some hoses are not cleaned thoroughly and some hoses cannot even be cleaned. When cleaning a non-washable hose, pieces of metal end up in the hose, which are then sucked up, so we recommend using non-washable hoses for your favorited hookah flavour. The different materials used for a hose include silicone, rubber, vinyl, acrylic plastic and several materials.

      waterpijp stang schoonmaken 


      The operation of the Hookah is as follows:

      The bowl is placed on the body of the shisha, then the whole is placed on the base and to make it watertight, a rubber is used for the base, bowl and hose. The hose goes into the opening. Foil or a heating tool is used over the bowl to head the foil and flavour in the bowl. The heated coals are placed on this which produces the heat that warms the tobacco and this then passes through the rod to the water in the base. The water has to be filled in the Hookah base and the metal shaft of the body is just slightly under water in the base, about 2 cm. Do not under water too much otherwise you will get water in your hose, with too little water there is no good airflow. By hoisting the hose, the water vapor that hangs in the base is sucked into the hose by suction and this is the final smoke that is blown out.

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